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Tearaway Stabiliser

per meter

width 12"

medium weight

Use for embrodiery, stitcheries, crazy patchwork, and patchwork by numbers.

Tear-away stabilizer is designed for general machine embroidery and is suitable for most fabrics. It will tear away from your project once the embroidery is completed.  Tear-away is quick and easy to use and popular for many different types of projects. Apply spray adhesive to your tear-away to make it adhesive.

Tear Away is Ideal for:

  • Embroidering on any stable fabrics like light weight cottons, silks, canvas etc.
  • Sheer fabrics, as it can be easily removed at completion of embroidery.
  • Making in-the-hoop projects.
  • Any project you want to finish off quickly. Tear-away stabilizer is one of the quickest and easiest to remove.

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