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Led Folding Desk Lamp Rechargeable

Triumph Recharging LED Folding Desk Lamp
USB cable included.
H240 x  W74x D 128mm

    30 brilliant LED’s
    Includes USB recharge cord
    Rechargeable lithium battery included
    3 levels of brightness
    Touch on/off function
    H240 x W74 x D128mm

The contemporary styling of the Rechargeable LED Folding Desk Lamp adds a wow factor to your sewing area.  Its solid, sturdy base resists tipping over and the brilliant daylight lamp folds down to a compact and lightweight hand-sized unit which easily fits into a pocket or purse. Perfect for outdoor use.  Featuring 30 brilliantly LEDs that have three light intensity settings controlled by a touch sensitive on and off button, there will the perfect light for every situation.  Furthermore, with a lithium battery and its own built-in USB port, you can recharge from your computer, USB power adapter from your phone, tablet or other USB powered device to plug the light directly into a mains power socket. USB power adaptors can also be purchased easily.

This light is perfect for travel or taking to your sewing group.

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